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Business development, USA or international market entry, strategic planning, strategic accounts, supply chain, marketing, organization leadership

USA and International Market Entry...Analysis, Strategy, Execution, Results

The Webb International Group LLC offers complete services of market analysis, your international and domestic market position, strategic alternatives and recommendations, and execution with you to obtain your results.  These are offered on either a project or retainer with commission basis.  Please contact us for a review and quotation depending on your needs.

National Account and Supply Chain services:


We will review your goals for your MRO or OEM cost reductions before you issue your RFP and make recommendations for bid solicitations.  During the RFP and negotiation process, we will provide information and experienced advice (over 8 years on the supplier side with Fortune 500 companies) on how to achieve the best value and cost reductions, short and long-term.  These servcies are available on a total project basis.  Call us for a 1 hr free discussion on your goals and how we can assist.

The Webb International Group LLC offers the utilty safety tool, the PierceSafe PGT300 Hydraulic Cable Piercing Tool.  It is used to test if an underground cable is de-energized and to fully discharge a cable to ground before it is worked on by lineman.  See complete details at:

Strategic Planning services:


A complete review and strategic plan for your business would encompass:

A)  Your company strategic position:  Market served, historic, current, targeted M/S, technology, R&D, aftermarket support required, capacity utilization/capability, financial resources, barriers to entry, product life cycle, distribution/sales channels, people/labor, unit cost profitability, best competitive advantages


B)  Competition:  Strengths, weaknesses, perceived strategy, your opportunities/threats


C)  Industry trends


D)  Marketing channels


E)  Environmental factors


F)  History


G)  Forecast


H)  Strategic Alternatives


I)  Strategic Recommendations


J)  Tactical Action Plan Recommendations


Please call us for a free 1 hr. discussion on your goals and needs.  This service is usually provided on a project basis based based on estimated time for completion.